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It’s a very exciting time of year as Valentines day approaches. For all the young kids attending nursery, as well as the staff, these 10 cute valentines day ideas to make or play will liven up the day. Try some of them out, but be warned of the messier activities!

  1. For the messier of hearts, and the braver - Give this cute painted foot heart a go. All you’ll need to do is paint the soles of the feet and carefully step onto a heart shaped cut out. It’s probably something you’ll want to do outside!
    Painted foot heart

  2. Try out this little heart fella for a card idea, fairly straight forward and a bit less mess. All you’ll need is to cut out a few heart shapes, fold out some arms and legs and get your hands on some googley eyes
    Valentines Card

  3. This one involves a good heart cut out and some shoelaces or string, and voila! You’ve got yourself a cute valentines gesture
    Heart Lacing

  4. .A themed memory game is one for the slightly older kids, but a sweet one to test them. Get inspiration from the heart candy sayings- ‘Be Mine!’, ‘Hold Hands’ or ‘XOXO’
    Heart Memory Game

  5. This cute suncatcher mosaic is also a bit tricky, but with some sticky back plastic and some cut out confetti you can make a heart felt, original card
    Sun catcher

  6. Valentines bingo, basically the same concept as ordinary bingo but with all the fun of the valentines day colours and lovely hearts! Easy for the older kids and some of the younger ones
    Valentines Bingo

  7. This DIY teddy bear photo booth is a bit more effort, but will make a cute little photo shoot for the kids
    Bear Cutout

  8. These finger puppets are easy to make and look adorable, all you need to do is cut out the shapes and let the kids drawn the faces on themselves!
    Heart Finger Puppets

  9. This valentines day word search is more for the after school kids, or any one who's willing to give it a go. Simply find an online word search generator, or if you're feeling eco-friendly, draw them up yourselves on the back of recycled paper
    Valentines Word Search

  10. Lastly, why not make a cute flower bouquet out of pipe cleaners and paper cut outs for the kids to take home!
    Paper Heart Bouquet

Images taken from Pinterest.com