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With the 25th of may fast approaching, The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) update is coming with it. There are many forms of data that nurseries need to be careful of, including emails, letters and childrens records stating their names, addresses and dates of birth. If you’re a small nursery, then you shouldn’t have to change the way you’re currently doing things. The penalties and fines for not complying to the new changes however are much more sinister than they used to be, and if you’re part of a larger chain of nurseries then there’s most likely a few changes you’ll want to make to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

The most recent GDPR update shows the biggest changes since 1998. Basically, the update ensures EU citizens privacy rights are strengthened and makes sure that the law is consistently applied across the EU. Any personal data that makes its way to your company needs to have the appropriate security measures in place to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of someone that the individual didn’t give permission to. The data can only be used explicitly for what it stated it was being used for and has to be up to date, otherwise it needs to be destroyed.

It’s really easy to slip up with data protection, with lists of kid’s meal schedules going about, contact sheets being passed around and the many piles of general information on all of the children and their parents. An easy fix? Definitely, with Azilo.com there is a document upload section allowing you to upload all of your important documents so that they have a safe place to be stored. There’s also a Data Protection course that you can do right here in under 15 minutes to make sure you’re brushed up on your knowledge and will allow you to keep yourself and staff compliant to the new changes, and to avoid getting in trouble with the law!