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This years sports relief is coming to a close, having run from the 17th of March up until the 23rd, people all around the UK are coming together to support and donate to all sorts of causes. An example of a great achievement this year is the ‘Gregathalon’ , hosted and performed by Greg James from Radio one. He cycled to and climbed the highest peaks in England, Wales, and Scotland and raised over a whopping £1 million pounds for sports relief.

Amazing progress has been made since last years sports relief. Over 900,000 people across Africa have been treated with anti-malarial drugs, over 3.4 million people in Africa have been presented with maternal, neonatal and child health funding, and over 50,000 people across the UK dealing with mental health issues have received appropriate help.

You don’t have to climb Snowdonia however, or bike 100 miles during a snowstorm to do your part. Here at Azilo’s head office, we’re having a sports relief day on Friday the 23rd where we’re wearing our most sporty attire and hosting a bake sale, sports trivia and a few fun games. We’ll also be holding a raffle for our team where all funds will be going to various charities, as will all other funds raised on the day.

There are plenty fun activities you can host at your nursery or office that will get everyone involved and will support the great work of the charity:

  • Comfortable and easy - Why not have a sports themed dress up for the kids. Have them come in their sporty clothing so that if it’s a nice day outside, you can make the most of the event


  • Create an obstacle course - Have 3 activities for the children to get through, for example: walk forwards 3 steps then backwards 3 steps, throw and catch a bean bag and finish with crawling through a pop up tunnel to complete

Obstacle Course

  • Fitness Activities - Either for the after school club kids or even the nursery staff, have a plank off competition or see who can hold a wall sit the longest, for some real sporting challenges!


  • Have the parents give in a donation - For all the fun and games being had, don’t forget to see if the parents can donate even just a few pounds to be collected so that everyone benefits from the day


  • Download a nursery activity pack - On the official Sports Relief page there is a nursery pack available for downloading. It includes sponsorship forms, posters, invites, decorations and many other activities for your nursery - All for free!

Nursery Pack

The work of sport relief is shedding so much light on mental illness, more than ever before. It’s removing stigma and making people talk about it in the same light and ease as they would if they were speaking about a physical illness. The televised show on the BBC will start at 7pm on Friday the 23rd of March and will be continuing to support these important messages. There will be more events including celebrity boxing and various comedians performing sketches and much more, so tune in for the last day and donate if you can, anything helps!