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Inspections can be stressful at the best of times. To help you out we’ve put together a couple of quizzes to help you check up on your team's knowledge and rest easier at night. The purpose of this quiz is to make sure all of your staff are up to date with their training requirements and to pinpoint the areas that they may need some additional training on.

If you’re already signed up to Azilo.com, you’ll be able to assign the quiz to all of your team to complete and will get their results back to see how everyone got on. Azilo will automatically assign a course to someone if they didn’t do so well in that area, and will add it to their CPD courses to complete, resulting in everyone being fully trained and up to date.

This new tool will really help you prepare yourself and your staff for inspections and generally help ensure all your staff are up to date and working to the best of their ability, so get signed up and start preparing your nursery to be as ready as it can be!