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Learning Planner

Effortlessly assign courses to your team with Azilo's Learning Planner. Track and develop your team to match your setting's needs. Select from over 100 courses and improve your team today!

Ensure your team is always compliant with Azilo.

Compliance Alerts

Ensuring legal compliance can be stressful for settings. Azilo puts your mind at ease. You'll receive Compliance Alerts when one of your team isn't compliant, letting you know what needs to be updated.

No more last minute worries.

Improve your online training and learn online with Azilo.

Learn online!

Our fun and information packed online training courses are designed to help boost your setting. With over 100+ courses for you to choose from, your team will always be improving with Azilo.

Azilo works in all devices

Azilo everywhere

Azilo works across devices: phones, tablets and personal computers, meaning your team can learn from any location.

Keep track of your CPD even if you switch jobs!

Keep track of your teams learning

Never lose sight of your team's progress. Azilo's learning tracking system lets you see how team members are progressing and if they require any more training.

Azilo has an excelent telephone service!

I'll be there for you

We're always keen to chat, so if you have any queries, questions or quibbles, let us know through the Azilo chat feature.

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