Food Monsters

Better Mealtimes: Encouraging Children to Enjoy Healthy Food (Scotland)

  • 20.00
  • Scotland
  • 60mins

This course gives early years practitioners effective ways to encourage children to enjoy new and healthy foods. You will gain a better understanding of children's behaviours with food. You will look at typical communication between adults and children around new food, and alternative ways to ask questions and encourage positive behaviour. You will gain guidance on embedding the communication within your practice at meals and snacks.

The course includes two Worksheets and a detailed Communication Guide. Video of the communication being put into practice in a group activity is shown, including the children's responses

Early Years Practitioners in Scotland.


What does this course cover?
How do you know that the methods in the course get results?
Legislation and Guidance
Statutory Requirements
Behaviour Around New Foods
Food Neophobia and "Fussy" Eating
Understanding Different Behaviours
Communication & Key Phrases
Typical Communication & What to Avoid
Introducing Cabbage
Alternative Communication around Food
End of activity: eating Coleslaw
Practical considerations


Steve Johnson
Nursery Manager

...We've saved so much money my staff have received much more training than I could have afforded before...