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Alcohol and Drugs at Work

Understand the implications of drug and alcohol misuse on employee health and the workplace.

Be Assertive The Right Way

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more assertive.

Business Report Writing Skills

Tips and advice to make any report you create look the business!

Communicating Effectively

Effective communication could be the single best step you take to improve your work.

Complaints Handling

95% of customers will give you a second chance if you handle their complaint successfully.

Conflict Management

Learn more about managing, controlling and harnessing conflicts with this quick conflict management course.

Decision-Making Excellence

Decision-making is an important skill in almost every job and a skill employers really value.

Developing Resilience

Learn how to challenge your thinking. See what is really happening, not what you think is happening

Emotional Intelligence

Broken down, emotional intelligence combines 4 elements. This course will give you an insight into each one.

Environmental Awareness

This course will help you understand your obligations in relation to environmental laws.

Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Understanding equality and diversity in all aspects of work

Features Advantages Benefits

This bite sized module looks at why you should think of your product or service in three distinct parts.

Freedom of Information Act

Find out what the Freedom of Information Act is, and how it is applied in the workplace.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

This course will rewire the way you think about feedback and help you see it for the powerful tool it is.

Harassment & Bullying at Work

The Harassment and Bullying course is designed to be suitable for every employee in an organisation.

Importance of Training

Look at the theory behind how people learn and how you can take that theory into the real world.

Interview Skills

Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

Making Meetings Matter

Make your meetings better and more efficient.

Presenting with Power

If your career matters to you, you need to develop your presentation skills.

Productivity & Time Management

Want to use your time in the best way possible? Improve your productivity instantly.

Smart Objectives

We explore the meaning behind SMART, and show you how to set objectives that inspire and motivate.

Social Media Awareness

Find out what social media means for you and your setting.

Team Working Excellence

During this course, you will learn about the four key skills needed to maximise your team working performance.

Unconscious Bias

How do you see the world? This course is different to most unconscious bias e-learning modules.

Your Personal Development

No matter what role you perform, there will always be a need to challenge and develop yourself.